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24 inch Wide Rope Ladder $51.00

24 inch Wide Rope Ladder

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  • 24 inch Wide Rope Ladder

Product Specifications

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Product Description

Playground Rope Ladder

Provide climbing fun to local kids with this affordable and safe playground rope ladder. This strong and supportive rope ladder is manufactured by a trusted name in the playground equipment industry: Child Works. While there are plenty of pieces of climbing equipment for sale on, the classic 24-inch rope ladder provides a beautiful look that can complement many themed or wooden playground structures. This product is affordable, adjustable, and movable, letting kids get to the areas where they can look out from a great height.

Product Specifications

The New England hardwood dowels provide sturdy, smooth, weather-resistant climbing surfaces for small hands. The rope used in this product is actually made of Marine-grade polyester at 3/8th of an inch in diameter. Pelican hooks are attached above the top dowel. These high-quality materials provide a strong and long-lasting climbing experience. Note that the width of the ladder is a comfortable 24 inches, providing children with plenty of room to grasp the dowels and climb. (A smaller 18-inch model of this product is also available for smaller kids.)

Encourage Children to Climb

You can attach this product to almost any pre-existing playground. Rope ladders are more adjustable than their metal counterparts, and they're also very easy to install. This product can go straight up and down, or it can curve inward, providing a nice, easy physical challenge to local kids. This item is perfect whether you intend to attach it to a personal tree house, to included it in a new play area design, or provide a new addition to a public or commercial playground. Rope ladders are a great way to encourage climbing experiences. Children will build strong muscles while having a lot of fun.

The ladder is an essential piece of climbing equipment, and it's available at a very low price! If you would like to buy a playground rope ladder, place it into your quote cart to request it today. Note that fast delivery options are available. To find out more details about this product, feel free to call for customer service support at 1-800-667-0097 or use our live online chat now.