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7 feet high Early Childhood T Swing $1,232.00

7 feet high Early Childhood T Swing

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  • 7 feet high Early Childhood T Swing
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Product Specifications

Model Number:
Safety Zone:
20' 6" x 22' 8"

Product Description

Toddler Swing Sets

Every parent loves to see their child enjoy an outdoor baby swing. Often, a baby outdoor swing serves as a basic rite of passage for children, as tiny tots are able to feel a sense of independence while at the same time sharing a newfound joy with their parents. They also learn to develop motor skills, gain strength, and engage in play that promotes problem-solving as well as creativity.

As a family-owned business, we understand firsthand how much our products enhance basic life skills for children. When it’s time to buy an outdoor baby swing, we offer a wide range of commercial equipment that provides hours of fun. Our pieces are of the highest quality, and kids love them! Even better, we consistently exceed playground safety standards and have the certifications to prove our dedication to quality.

Baby outdoor swing designs must meet age considerations. The toddler age range spans from less than a year to four years, and during this time, they make great gains in learning how to harness the energy that permeates their small frames. Our swing sets for toddlers provide a great way to help these little forces of nature burn energy. They also help with sensory integration and give them a sense of physical fulfillment that calms the nerves and promotes better sleep. That’s why it’s important not to use just any outdoor baby swing. This PlayDesigns 7-foot-high Early Childhood T-Swing is not meant for adults or big children: This swing is made specifically for accommodating young children ages 6 months to 5 years. Toddler swing sets provide the perfect height and motion range for this age. While a child can learn to use these swings more independently as they grow, this infant swing set is also fun for those who rely on more interaction from helping hands. The separation between the two swings of this set makes supervision by parents easier and simpler. This also prevents collisions of swings.

The Early Childhood T-Swing is among the best swing sets for toddlers online, and you can get it today from This infant swing set is constructed with galvanized swing chains and comes with two black seats, though a model is available without chains and seats should you prefer an upgrade from the standard materials of these toddler swing sets or a different type of seat. You can also choose your own color: This durable infant swing set can be painted with any color offered by PlayDesigns.

Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are happy with our prices and their purchases. We make delivery easy and stand by our products. Buy our quality toddler swings today!