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Baseball Backstop $818.00

Baseball Backstop

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  • Baseball Backstop
  • Baseball Backstop
  • Baseball Backstop
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Baseball Backstop

A backstop is essential when playing baseball, softball, or even kickball. An assembled backstop is an integral part of a safe outdoor sport setting for play in parks, the neighborhood, or school playground, public lawns, or any other open area. This baseball backstop is a commercial class piece of equipment used for field sports and all models have two integral features: one is a 5-foot hood and the other is a 10-foot wing.

A very strong pipe framing, combined with durable wire and baseball backstop netting makes this backstop sturdy and safe. Installation of the baseball and softball backstops is quick and easy. These backstops can be ordered online with an optional black vinyl coating to prevent vandalism to the baseball and softball backstops. When playing baseball, softball, or any other outdoor sport that requires baseball backstop netting, it's important to buy a commercial-grade product that you know you can trust.

We offer for sale the best quality playground equipment, whether you are shopping for softball backstops for your school, sports field, or public park. After delivery of your baseball backstop netting, piping, and wiring, you'll be ready to set up the perfect play space for your team, whether little league, high school, college-level, or casual play. We take pride in our backstops, knowing that ultimately the safety and security of your team is what remains the most important.

With our backstops, you can be rest assured that the secure piping and netting will contain flyaway balls hit up and back, wild pitches, and even the overthrow from outfield in an effort to get the runner out at the plate. Your team, the visiting team, and the spectators will all be protected by the blocking these baseball and softball backstops offer. No more wild balls lost into and injuring a crowd member. Our backstops offer 5-by-10-foot protection on your infield.

Buy your backstop online and take advantage of the convenience of having it delivered directly to you, ready for installation prior to your next game; the safety of your players and fans depend on it. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding our baseball backstops. Feel free to contact us, and get ready to take your field play up a level with our quality baseball backstops.

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