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Baseball Protective Screens $809.00

Baseball Protective Screens

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  • Baseball Protective Screens
  • Baseball Protective Screens

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Product Description

Protective screens can provide perfect defense against foul and drift balls while waiting at baseball dugouts. The components of these baseball protective screens comprises sports panels and support posts. Two panels are 5 feet by 10 feet each and in combination create a 20 feet long protective barrier that is perfect for longer reserve benches. This efficient protective screen can make the game more enjoyable without any anxiety of being hit by the stray balls or fouls. Baseball protective screens should be placed in front of the dug out to ensure optimum protection. The quality and endurance of the two sports panels and three support posts can make the event totally free from stray or foul ball related accidents. To keep those drift balls away from your head and to enjoy the baseball match from the baseball dugout, the use of this long durable protective screen is necessary. So, request this long, strong, and affordable protective screen now!

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