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Bedrock Climber $302.00

Bedrock Climber

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  • Bedrock Climber

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Product Description

Rock climbing is an exciting activity that requires excellent physical as well as mental endurance and fitness. Nothing can be a better exercise if kids can practice this from their early childhood. The Bedrock Climber can provide an excellent play opportunity that meets the requirements of child development while providing enormous scope for fun. This unique Bedrock Climber can guide kids directly into fun of stone-age rock climbing and also can immensely develop their entire muscular system of upper portion of the body. During the climbing process children can also think about the best way to reach the next level, thus their mental ability will also increase in the way of playing. This sturdy climber is constructed by rotationally molded plastic and securely fits a deck with 36-48-inch heights. This challenging climber can be best enjoyed by kids of 2 years and above. Place a request for this unique bedrock climber with several possibilities of color!