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Playsafer Rubber Mulch and Equipment

Kids and play go hand in hand, and every child loves an afternoon at the playground. Playing outside gives children a chance to interact with their environment, get exercise, and make friends. We owe it to them to make sure their play space is not just fun but safe. Between 2008 and 2012, more than 200,000 children were treated in emergency rooms across America for injuries sustained at playgrounds, with 67% of reported injuries caused by falls or equipment failures. A fall of even a few feet can be enough to break bones or cause other serious injuries, especially if the fall occurs on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.

Traditional impact surfaces like sand can hide hazards like broken glass and run the risk of animal contamination. Sand can also compact over time if not regularly maintained, which reduces its effectiveness as an impact absorber. Playsafer has dedicated itself to creating kid-friendly surfaces that both reduce playground-related injuries and are environmentally friendly. Playsafer rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled automotive tires and provides excellent shock absorption to help keep children safe. It is affordable, nontoxic, nonflammable, and perfect for playgrounds both small and large. Playsafer mulch exceeds ASTM safety standards for impact attenuation.

With our Playsafer rubber mulch, bulk ordering can make this safety investment even more economical. But if it is outside of your budget for now, consider Playsafer mats as an alternative for high-traffic areas such as beneath slides and swings. Constant impact and drag in these spots can dislodge pre-existing surfaces, making them less effective at absorbing impact. Playsafer’s durable mats are designed to work with loose-fill surfaces. Easy to install, they protect your impact surface from being displaced and make an excellent addition to any playground. is dedicated to our customers, both residential and commercial. Child safety is our first concern, so our products are rigorously tested and either meet or exceed CPSC and ASTM standards. We guarantee our products to be IPEM certified, so you can be sure your equipment will be fun as well as safe. Whether you need Playsafer mulch, mats, or other equipment to fill out your play space, we can help: We are committed to making safe places for children to play and explore. Contact us by phone or online with any questions or to get help with your rubber mulch bulk order!