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Superior Shade

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Superior Shade

You have created the best playground for the children under your care, with all of the right equipment to keep the kids entertained and exercising. The slides are in place. You have swings and climbing structures. You have even remembered to add a few accessories that you may not find at many other playgrounds. But there is one thing you may have forgotten: the right playground shades.

Here at, we carry a full line of shade products for residential and commercial playgrounds. Superior Shade is a leading brand in this area, and our selection features many different options to help you create a shaded spot in your play area. Order online and we can have your shade structure delivered exactly where you need it. You can be sure that it will offer the shielding from the sun that your kids need, helping to keep them safe from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Shade for playgrounds comes in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure that when you order, you have good measurements of the area that you want to be shaded, as that will ensure that you pick the right model from our shade structures for playgrounds to offer the most protection for your needs. If you are having trouble picking a size or material for your shade, our expertly trained customer service staff can help you choose the best structures for your needs. Just be ready to describe the area that you need the shade for accurately, and we can take care of most of the rest.

Many of our customers choose to position their playground shades over picnic tables and other seating areas. That is perhaps the best choice for most playgrounds, as this placement creates a good spot for kids to rest from playing and enjoy the cooler temperatures that the shade provides. Depending on the size of your playground and the kind of equipment that you have, you may also want to consider placing shade for playgrounds above the equipment itself. As you can see from our Superior Shade options, many of the shade structures for playgrounds that we carry can cover equipment as well. Click on any product on this page to learn more about it, and feel free to contact us with any questions!