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Zeager Brothers

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Zeager Brothers

When looking at safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly playground surfaces, many people look to a highly respected and trusted brand: Zeager Brothers. Their engineered wood-fiber mulch combined with their foam drainage systems have become an industry standard in cost-effective outdoor playground flooring. We at consider Zeager Brothers to be one of our top brands, providing us with quality materials so that we can offer a better way for our clients to keep kids safer. We know how to effectively use and implement this flooring into your overall playground plan and design and can help you decide on which type of drainage system will be best for your space.

Why Choose Zeager Brothers’ Wood Carpets?

Out of all of our different options for playground surfaces, this is the option that many commercial decision-makers and school administrators tend to gravitate toward. Engineered wood-fiber mulch has been argued to contain the least amount of environmental and health hazards while still being widely considered to be safe. These wood carpet systems meet ASTM, CPSC, and ADA standards for safety. This is a type of outdoor playground flooring that’s soft for falls, gentle on the environment, and all around a more sustainable solution. Our clients typically put this type of outdoor flooring under equipment that’s likely to lead to falls, like swing sets and slides; however, the soft wood carpet can be spread throughout the entire play area. The one downside is that like rubber mulch, the wood mulch will need to occasionally be raked and topped off. But with the drainage system, the surfacing will have a much better longevity. You can choose from either a foam drainage system or the flexible geotextile fabric.

Make Your Playground Sustainable and Safe

We can provide assistance in planning how much wood fiber will be required, where it would be most effective, the delivery and shipping of the product, and how to implement its use. Buy from us and get expert, one-on-one assistance and better prices on the products provided by one of our clients’ favorite brands! Choose the options above or contact us at 800-667-0097 today!