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Cushion Edge Swing Seat $33.00

Cushion Edge Swing Seat

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  • Cushion Edge Swing Seat
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The Cushion Edge Swing Seat by Jensen has been designed to allow children to enjoy the freedom of flight that swinging brings, while enabling them to remain safely seated. Designed with a classic shape that appeals to children of many different shapes and sizes, these swing seats are very much like the ones you probably rode on as a child, but minus the slippery, insecure feeling that might have contributed to fear or that might have even led to painful accidents.

The difference lies in an extra piece of fluted rubber mounted to the front and back edges of the swing seats. Not only does this add comfort and security to the swings themselves, it also includes a special insert meant to deter vandalism at parks, schools, and commercial playgrounds alike. The seats are made from an EPDM rubber / polymer blend, and make great use of galvanized triangular hardware. Built to last, and to be enjoyed by children for years to come, these swing seats are available in a wide array of colors to suit your playground's design. Offering the best in cutting edge, modern technology, minus those old fashioned cutting edges, the Cushion Edge Swing Seat is an exceptional investment in playground appeal and longevity.