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Playground Timber 4 feet long x 6 inches high $33.00

Playground Timber 4 feet long x 6 inches high

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  • Playground Timber 4 feet long x 6 inches high
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4x6 Playground Timbers

There are several advantages to adding playground timbers to your order for delivery when you buy playground equipment online.

Border Appeal: One advantage of playground timbers is their appeal as an attractive playground edging. They give a clean appearance to the equipment area they surround by keeping mulch inside a barrier. This clean edge created by the timbers gives the area a finished look.

Safe Play Area: A playground with a clearly defined border is designed for safety. It ensures safe, carefree play for children who can easily recognize the playground edging as a border. Adults will also appreciate the clearly visible border as a useful tool for playground supervision.

Multipurpose: While these playground timbers should be used in residential settings only, they can serve a wide variety of purposes. Use them not only for creating playground borders and containing playground bedding, but also for making sandboxes, raised flower beds, landscape borders, and edging for gardens.

Versatile: Assemble our interlocking timbers in a variety of configurations. Create straight or zigzag borders, as well as gently curving lines. Build squares and rectangles of any size. Because these interlocking timbers are secured with a removable stake for sale online, they can be removed, reconfigured, and reinstalled in a new location. The interlocking feature also serves to prevent timbers from tipping over or shifting to create an uneven edge.

Material: Our playground timbers are made of a durable, commercial grade plastic derived from recycled materials. Consequently, they are low maintenance and eco-friendly, requiring no staining or treating.


  • Timbers are available in the color brown.
  • Each timber measures 48 inches long from end to end, 6 inches high, and 4 inches wide. (When calculating distance to cover, each timber accounts for 42 inches of length).
  • Buy timbers with or without one 24-inch stake (options available in dropdown box online).

Installation: No need to hire installers! The only tool you'll need is a mallet or sledgehammer. If necessary, prepare the area by clearing debris and leveling a narrow, horizontal path. Secure the timber by inserting the 24 inch stake into the prepared slot and pounding it into the ground.

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