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Playground Games for Kids: Equipment

Kids need safe places to play outdoors where they can run, jump, climb, and play games. Playground equipment is an important part of designing and creating an outdoor play area. It’s also beneficial for kids to be able to play different playground games. Equipment for this can be simple or elaborate, depending on the space available and the budget. offers a variety of options for those who need playground games for kids.

Adults know they have to exercise, so pursuing a healthy lifestyle generally involves engaging in cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. Kids have the same needs, but they usually don’t understand the importance of this activity. Current recommendations set a goal of 60 minutes of physical activity on a minimum of five days out of the week for kids between the ages of 6 and 17. The good news is that kids can get a lot of the exercise they need to stay healthy by simply playing outdoors. Playground games for elementary students can get youngsters physically active in fun and exciting ways.

Elementary playground games can include lots of different types of equipment. A tetherball game could be an ideal way to get elementary students involved in an active game. Tetherball involves two players and a ball tethered to a pole. Both players strive to hit the ball in opposite directions to wrap it completely around the pole. The winner is the first player to succeed in wrapping the ball around the pole. The triple toss game is a popular choice among playground games for elementary students because it can involve a large group of kids in active play. The children take turns throwing a ball at the structure, trying to get it into the chutes. The chutes direct the balls back down into the play area for continued fun. is committed to providing the most durable equipment necessary for elementary school playground games. These pieces are suitable for either residential or commercial installation. By providing a variety of options for play, you can ensure that children do not become bored outdoors. Contact us online today with questions about our equipment for sale or to request a price quote. We promise fast delivery of equipment so you can provide playground games for kids without delay!