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Swing Set Chains

Swing set chains are the quiet workhorse of the favorite playground activity of swinging. Children remember the sensation of swinging long after those little links of metal have stopped swaying back and forth. Kids brag about how high they went on a swing or who gave them a starting push. They give little thought to how much trust they place on links that suspend them above the ground. If you are responsible for purchasing, assembling, or maintaining a play area, however, you realize how crucial the swing chains are to the children's safety. Carefully study your options to find the swing accessories that will work best to keep kids safe and happy.

Galvanized Chains

if you're going to buy chains, hot-dipped galvanized chains for swings are a popular and economical choice. They are designed to prevent pinched fingers, resist corrosion, and be strong. Galvanized swing set chains are light gray in color and simple in style, yet effective in performance. They can be trusted to give children a safe and enjoyable experience on the swing set.

Zinc Chains

If you are replacing the chains in swing equipment at a school or park where lots of children play, you can buy commercial grade zinc chains by the foot or in bulk at our online store. The links in our zinc chains come in two different sizes and are able to hold up to 3,900 pounds. These chains are also designed to prevent pinching.

Plastisol-Coated Chains

A plastisol-coated chain or two can bring a whole new personality to the swing. Plastisol is a coating applied to the metal links. When this gel coating solidifies, the chain has a plastic-like texture. This makes the chain easier for children to hold onto while they swing. In addition to the textural difference, a plastisol-coated chain can be brightly-colored. The full length of a chain can be coated with the colored plastisol or you can buy chains that are only coated in the grip area. With easy gripping, bright colors and no finger pinching, a coated swing chain increases safety on the playground. These coated chains can be used with different seat types, including belt, bucket, glide, and tire seats. They can also be used with trapeze equipment.

Soft Grip Chains

Soft grip chains are another type of coated swing chain that gives young children a safe experience. This soft, colorful coating entirely covers the links in the area where children grip the chain. Instead of feeling the shape of links, children handle the thick, smooth coating that covers the chain. Both residential- and commercial-grade soft grip chains are for sale online in several colors. Like the plastisol-coated chains, soft grip chains can be used with a variety of seat types and trapeze rings.

Chain Sleeves

Chain sleeves cover residential-grade chains for swings with a plastic covering. The lumpy link shapes are still visible and can be felt in the chain sleeves, but the plastic gives kids a better grip on the chain. If you've had problems with the chains on your swing set corroding or pinching fingers, chain sleeves are a good option. They can be ordered online and delivered to your address.