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Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Kids

These are some of the most classic playground exercise equipment options available, with little to no change in design since their original inceptions. Kids rarely notice that they're exercising and staying in shape because they're having too much fun! Every product in this category can do a lot to promote fitness in school. Fitness equipment from monkey bars to parallel bars to balance beams will help promote a healthy lifestyle at any local park, commercial area, or playground.


Our outdoor fitness equipment for kids can promote a positive well-being whether your community is planning to purchase an addition to a pre-existing playground or looking to buy an entire fitness course set. Many playgrounds and parks can benefit with the addition of even one bit of equipment. Note that you can get even more customization, as many of these items are available in several different color schemes. Choose one that matches the school colors, the colors of the existing playground, or the colors that represent the community.

Age Ranges

These items can help kids of any age, but tend to be most beneficial for the five to twelve year old age group. (Don't worry, if you are looking for playground exercise equipment for younger kids, we offer plenty of items for them as well.) even offers more strenuous adult outdoor fitness equipment. For kids who are younger, options that are lower to the ground may be the best. Elementary-aged kids love to show off their balance and skills with this equipment, which is great because it's an important time for reinforcing healthy habits.


With any playground, it's important that your items are installed on a sandy or soft surface so that any potential injuries may be minimized. Our strong, reinforced equipment is study and safe enough to withstand years of balancing, climbing, and pulling.

For More Information

If you have questions about any of our school fitness equipment, feel free to talk to a representative by calling 1-800-667-0097 or starting our online chat. Many of the items for sale can be delivered quickly, so contact us today to find out more. You can also request a quote from us now buy selecting the items you want and putting them into your quote cart.