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Outdoor Ashtrays and Cigarette Butt Receptacles

Smoking may kill millions of people each year, but unfortunately, millions of individuals across the world are still unable to successfully kick the habit. While smoking bans have become increasingly popular around the world, there are still many areas where people are able to smoke freely. The majority of these areas are in outdoor locations and are often places that are more secluded from large populations of people. These designated smoking areas are a great way to avoid exposing nonsmokers to secondhand smoke. Unfortunately, however, with no cigarette butt receptacle in sight, these areas can become littered with cigarette butts. This is an unsightly scene for those who come across the area, and it also raises a lot of concern about the effects on both the environment and the animals that may come into contact with the improperlydiscarded cigarette butts.

When cigarette urns are available in these designated outdoor smoking areas, smokers will most likely extinguish butts in the urns rather than on the ground or in a trash can. This is not only a concern for those who are responsible for keeping an area clean: Improper disposal of cigarettes can also be a fire hazard. This is especially true when cigarettes are not fully extinguished or when they are carelessly thrown to the ground. With the possibility of dry grass, leaves, or even litter on the ground along with unpredictable contents in trash cans, both of these disposal methods have the potential to cause a major disaster. Fortunately, with a cigarette receptacle close by, most smokers will avoid using these other methods and opt to use the safer outdoor cigarette ashtray instead.

For those who are looking for a safe option for disposing of cigarettes, we here at have a variety of models of outdoor ashtrays for sale. Each cigarette butt receptacle is specifically designed for use with cigarettes. Their metal material, in combination with sand that is often added, ensures that the cigarettes will quickly be extinguished to limit the risk of a fire. As an additional bonus, all of the cigarette butts will remain safely inside of the cigarette receptacle instead of on the ground, where they are easily accessible to animals and small children. Browse our online catalog of available outdoor cigarette disposal systems, or contact us today to receive a custom quote on equipment and delivery.