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Picnic Tables with Umbrellas specializes in providing commercial playground equipment for use in daycare facilities, schools, and public parks. Aside from swings and slides, we also offer other park and site amenities, from bleachers and grills to picnic tables. Our picnic tables vary in size, shape and color to ensure the perfect fit for any commercial use or setting. Several of our picnic tables are designed specifically for use by small children while others are designed for adult use. When looking to buy a picnic table, it is important to consider how it will be used beforehand to ensure that the best product for a specific need is located.

The majority of our commercial picnic tables are made of plastic or metal, versus traditional wooden picnic tables. Our plastic picnic tables come with the added benefit of being created with the use of recycled plastics to ensure an environmentally friendly product. Regardless of which material is used in construction of our picnic tables, each one is guaranteed to be safe, stable and durable. While we do have standard rectangular shaped picnic tables available, many of our customers enjoy the wide variety of picnic table shapes that we have for sale. Some of these shapes include round tables with circular seats, small squared with unattached seating, hexagon, and even longer framed rectangular styles. The model that is chosen is a matter of preference; however, some models, such as longer frames, are capable of fitting more people than models such as small squares. For small parks, smaller tables may offer a more intimate feel while large parks may require much larger tables. To further personalize the setting, we offer picnic tables with many color options such as yellow, green, red, brown or blue.

One common concern with any type of outdoor picnic table is exposure to weather. All of our models are designed specifically for outdoor use, so buyers can be sure that they are designed to withstand every day exposure to the sun and wind, along with frequent, normal usage. To avoid excess exposure to the sun, causing an uncomfortable seating arrangement, we recommend picnic tables with umbrellas. A large selection of our picnic tables come designed with spaces for umbrellas and stands included. Picnic tables with umbrellas are ideal for locations where it becomes very hot in the summer and where natural shading from trees is very limited. This is also another excellent way to customize the look of commercial picnic tables. With umbrellas, color can easily be incorporated into a setting and as it is easy to swap out umbrellas, the color scheme can be changed over the years or for specific purposes. To ensure an easy and pleasant shopping experience, we have both umbrella stands and umbrellas for sale along with our picnic tables. Those that are interested in picnic tables with umbrellas should pay careful attention to descriptions and photographs online or in catalogs to ensure that the table features a hole for insertion of an umbrella. Contact us today with any questions, or to request a catalog to be delivered straight to your mailbox!