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Plastic Benches

Wherever they are placed, plastic outdoor benches make a simple statement: Sit here. They invite joggers to rest, bird watchers to observe, and busy workers to pause for a break. Using recycled plastic, our eco-friendly benches benefit the environment and fit in nicely with the landscape. Our plastic benches for sale online are diverse in style. Have a seat and contemplate the many ways you can use these versatile benches!

In the Garden

Plastic garden benches are both functional and decorative. When you are out there planting, watering, weeding, and picking your crop, take time to sit and enjoy your garden. Smell the flowers. Taste the carrots. Keep an eye on the butterflies. And when you leave the garden and put away the hoe, your plastic garden benches will remind others to stop and smell the roses, too. Benches are also a wonderful addition to community gardens. They give gardeners an opportunity to sit and share tips about tending their plants.

At the Park

Our plastic park benches come in many different colors and designs. If you're drawn to a classic rendition, check out the Central Park-style recycled plastic bench. These and other plastic benches for sale that use recycled materials are a perfect fit for environmentally-conscious park-goers. Look for strategic places to set the benches. For example, a bench overlooking a stream can provide guests with meditative moments. Put a few by the children's playground equipment for watchful parents. Set a few more by the tennis courts or baseball field.

By Businesses

One way to get passersby to slow down and investigate your commercial shop is to place a few plastic outdoor benches nearby. Check your local ordinances to find out whether you can place them on the sidewalk in front of your store. If the benches are in the shade, shoppers might have an additional incentive to rest. Use window displays and perhaps an open door to encourage the resting shoppers to come inside.

Around Sporting Venues

While stadiums have bleachers, many smaller outdoor venues do not. In some cases, fans have to bring their own folding chairs if they want to sit during a game. Adding a few plastic park benches to the viewing area can be a treat for those without chairs. Having a bench to sit on during the game might inspire them to come again to cheer on their favorite team or player.

At the Playground

Benches are a favorite at the playground, particularly among the adults who are supervising the kids. When you are shopping for safe children's play structures at, you can also buy plastic benches for delivery to your location. Inquire about custom colors, as well as size and style options. We have both commercial- and residential-grade products for sale.

In a MicroPark

Create a micropark in your front yard by setting out a plastic bench near the sidewalk. Enhance the area with a few plants or decorative items. The micropark trend was started by Neighborhood, Inc. in Indiana and Illinois to encourage neighbors to sit on the benches and get to know each other better. Check your local ordinances to see if you can create a micropark in your neighborhood.