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Plastic Picnic Table

No play space for children is complete without plastic picnic tables. While fun structures can be the main attraction on playgrounds, the availability of leisure structures and sitting areas, including tables, can often convince parents to choose one playground over another. At, we have the best tables available on the market, and you can buy them right on our website. Our tables can serve multiple purposes, making them indispensable parts of leisure and recreational activities. Browse our inventory to familiarize yourself with our table products and find out how they can add extra value to your play site.

Plastic picnic tables provide a great space during playtime for food and other refreshments. When protected with a plastic liner or another type of cover, the table can be protected from many different kinds of spills and other accidents. These structures can be especially great meeting places for parents, as they wait for and watch their children play. Friendships between parents can be easily formed and networking can take place when a comfortable area like a table has been set up. The space of a picnic table can even double as a time-out area for kids who need a few minutes away from rambunctious temptations.

Arts and crafts projects can also easily be set up and completed on plastic-coated picnic tables. Their smooth and durable surfaces make them a popular choice among buyers who want to protect the integrity of their playground equipment for as long as possible. Clean-up can be a snap with these types of surfaces. Parents and teachers may also find that hosting creative activities on plastic equipment can relieve some of the stress associated with accidental injuries. For an extra layer of safety, consider buying a shade structure along with your picnic table to keep bodies cool in especially warm regions.'s large inventory of plastic picnic tables ensures that you will find a table type that will fit your specific requirements. Our tables are available in varying sizes, from small ones designed for kids to larger structures intended to be used by adults. Variations in design, including table top shape and seat layout, make your selection of a picnic table a completely personal choice. If you're environmentally-conscious, you can also choose a picnic table based on its material type. For especially Earth-friendly options, look for tables that have been created using recycled materials in our online store that are in stock and are ready for sale.

We, at, know that no safe play space is complete without a relaxation and project area. Our vast selection of plastic-coated picnic tables are here to serve your playground's needs, whatever they may be. Whether your play area is to be set up in a community, on school property, or on a commercial site, we're sure we have the right table to help give visitors a front-row seat to the action. Contact us today for more information about our products or to request a catalog. Ask about our convenient delivery options for a lightning-fast way to get our plastic picnic tables delivered to you!