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Sutcliffe Leisure Cradle Seat $239.00

Sutcliffe Leisure Cradle Seat

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  • Sutcliffe Leisure Cradle Seat

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Product Description

Toddlers are a unique age group that is difficult to cater for commercial playground equipment. Safety must be an utmost priority. Saying that, as long as Child Works keeps coming up with products like the Sutcliffe Leisure Cradle Seat, there is no reason why toddlers cannot have their time on the playground, swinging their way to joy and happiness. This swing seat from Child Works is specifically made for toddlers and comes with cushioned leg separators and top rail to keep toddlers safe as well as comfortable. Child Works is known for making quality products, so you do not need to worry about the quality of the Sutcliffe Leisure Cradle Seat. This is made just for toddlers, so request a quote today.