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Tether Ball Game $154.25

Tether Ball Game

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  • Tether Ball Game
  • Tether Ball Game
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Product Specifications

Model Number:
571-110, VTBS 

Product Description

Tether Ball Equipment

A tetherball set might be the perfect addition to a home play area, a school playground, or a community park setting. The SportsPlay brand of tetherball equipment is sturdy enough for repeated use in a commercial or public area, while also being perfect for kids playing at home. Standard tetherball equipment includes a metal rod and a heavy ballast. From the ballast, a volleyball or tetherball hangs on a strong cord. To play, two players stand in position near the metal rod. Each player tries to hit the tetherball in a specific direction, with one player trying to hit in the ball clockwise direction and the other player trying to hit the ball in the counter-clockwise direction. As players hit the tetherball, the cord wraps around the rod, becoming shorter. A player wins the game after repeatedly hitting the ball in this player's direction and wrapping the cord completely around the rod so it's not possible to continue hitting the ball. Beginners can focus simply on hitting the tetherball. With practice, more advanced players can learn how to use strategy in the game. Strategies include stealing the ball away from an opponent and using various hitting techniques to exert different levels of control over the ball.

The SportsPlay tetherball is made out of butyl, with a special outer rubber cover that minimizes injuries and pain on contact for safe play. As kids play with a tetherball set, they participate in active play, which provides beneficial exercise. Little space is necessary to install and set up tetherball equipment, making it a good choice for homes, schools, and parks. Kids can play tetherball on pavement, gravel, or grass, depending on the location. After learning the simple rules of the game, youngsters can begin playing to enjoy a rousing and good-natured game of tetherball.

When you want to buy safe outdoor play equipment that kids will enjoy and use, a tetherball set might be the perfect purchase. Playground Equipment offers both one-piece and two-piece posts for sale, available with and without the tetherball. Be sure to check out our delivery options! Why not place your order online today and surprise your kids with a new tetherball set?

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