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2-Hole Flat Tire Swivel $14.00

2-Hole Flat Tire Swivel

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  • 2-Hole Flat Tire Swivel

Product Specifications

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Product Description

This is a tire swivel that has been manufactured for use in the backyard. Ball bearings and a hardened steel ball are also available along with it to make it useful. Furthermore, the 2-Hole Flat Tire Swivel is galvanized for long lasting protection from rust. To enable periodic and regular lubrication, grease fitting is done in this tire swivel. This also reduces the maintenance needs of the tire swivel. The 2-Hole Flat Tire Swivel is ideal for rough and consistent usage. A low price is offered for this amazing tire swivel. Have you been thinking of installing a swing in your backyard? Request this tire swivel today and use it for the swing!