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How far apart should swings be on a swing set?

Swings should be spaced at least 24 inches apart on a standard commercial swing set. When planning a swing set for your playground, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of children is paramount. One critical aspect to consider is the spacing between swings. Proper spacing enhances the fun and significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Here's a comprehensive guide on how far apart swings should be on a swing set to create a safe, comfortable, and accessible play environment.

Swing Set Spacing Guidelines

Distance Between Swing Seats

Swings should be at least 24 inches (two feet) apart from each other. This spacing minimizes the risk of collisions and ensures each child has enough space to swing freely.

Distance from Support Structure

The distance between the swings and the main support frame should be at least 30 inches. This helps prevent children from hitting the structure and reduces the risk of entanglement.

Height from Ground

Swings should hang with the seat at least two feet above the ground to provide enough clearance and prevent dragging.

Spacing from Other Structures

Swing sets should be placed at least six feet away from other playground structures. This ensures that children have a clear, safe area to swing without the risk of hitting other equipment.

Use Zones

The use zone, around the swing set should be free from obstacles. On the sides of the swing set, reserve at least six feet of space. In the front and back, the use zone should extend at least twice the height of the swing set frame. This accounts for the distance a child might travel if they jump or fall off a swing.

Factors Influencing Swing Spacing

Type of Swing

Different swing seats (belt swings, bucket swings, tire swings, etc.) may require different spacing due to their size and range of motion.

Age Group

Swings designed for younger children might need closer spacing, whereas swings for older children might require more space to accommodate their larger swinging arcs.

Swing Set Design

Custom or elaborate swing set designs may need adjusted spacing to fit the specific layout and features.

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