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Nicolas Breedlove, the founder and CEO of, has made waves in the commercial playground equipment industry. In 2006, Nic transformed a fledgling small business into an industry leader known for its strong distribution network and superior-quality products. His journey to becoming a prominent figure in the commercial playground space highlights his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence.

Nic’s early experiences in a variety of roles, such as working at a gym, selling suits, and stocking shelves, taught him valuable lessons in customer service and business operations. These experiences laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial ventures, where his hard work and customer-centric approach quickly set apart in a competitive market.

Critical to Nic's success is his ability to forge and maintain strong bonds, both within his company and with external partners. His leadership style emphasizes loyalty and a shared vision, creating a work environment that motivates and empowers his team to commit as owners. This culture of mutual respect and dedication has been crucial in driving the company's growth and maintaining its competitive edge.

Nic’s innovative strategies and forward-thinking have established as an industry leader. His focus on integrating modern design with functionality has resulted in playground solutions that are safe, durable, and fun for children. Nic is passionate about creating versatile, functional, and price-competitive avenues of play, ensuring that all communities have access to exceptional playgrounds.

Through Nic’s leadership, continues to thrive, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation in commercial playground equipment. By working with premier distributors, Nic ensures that delivers outstanding local representation and personalized service. Nic Breedlove's story is one of entrepreneurial drive, consistent results, and a commitment to creating the best play experiences for children everywhere.

You can find Nic on LinkedIn: