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Parker Jones is the newest member of the content development team here at He grew up in Michigan but left to attend college at DePauw University in Indiana, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Philosophy. After graduation he decided to settle in Indianapolis to be close to his new connections and his girlfriend, Ashley. There he worked briefly as a caretaker for dogs and an SAT prep class teacher, before seeking a job which allowed him to flex his writing degree a bit more. This landed him in the playground business, where he continues to learn about marketing and writing copy. In his free time, he works on a novel that may or may not ever be completed, watches old movies, and spends entirely too much time playing video games. He is fascinated by pop culture, and well-versed in nerdy things like Indie Music and superhero comics. He is passionate about environmental and social justice issues, and likes animals so much that he doesn’t even eat them. One day he hopes to have significantly more numerous and inadvisable pets than are allowed by his current rental agreement.

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