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Finding the Best Natural Playground Equipment

Going green is on just about every modern business’s checklist these days. We’re all looking for sustainability measures to provide an eco-friendly foundation for long-term growth.  Natural playground equipment provides a creative opportunity for playground designers to leverage the past’s nostalgia while embracing the future’s standards.


Whether you’re looking to re-purpose recycled materials, utilize the existing landscape to develop vibrant nature playgrounds, or simply assemble play structures that minimizes environmental impact, can help.


Our team of representatives can help you discover natural playground ideas that will preserve your local ecosystem while still offering a safe, manageable adventure to your smallest customers.

Planning a Sustainable Play Space

There are many aspects to consider when planning and designing an eco-friendly, natural playground. There are a number of questions recreational planners should ask themselves before even breaking ground on an outdoor playground design


These lines of inquiry can lead to several tough choices.  As just one example, rubber mulch surfacing is derived from recycled plastic, but can be harmful to the local ecosystem if not properly contained in a defined boundary.  Wood pellets, on the other hand, are biodegradable, but can be expensive to acquire, present potential safety hazards, and will need to be replaced every couple of years.    


It’s important to keep in mind that place spaces function highest as a venue for learning and childhood development.  According to this Australian publication on developing play spaces, an ideal learning environment is a well-defined, but welcoming space that provides opportunities for risk-taking and challenges.  To achieve this end, barriers are an essential component when considering your playground design.  But don’t think that plastic is the only option. Hedges, stumps, and rock faces are just a few of the many rustic options that define the play range without disrupting its natural feel.

Finding the Best Natural Playground Equipment

Whether shopping for commercial-grade structures or natural backyard playscapes, playground planners typically evaluate green outdoor playground equipment on three major areas:


Core play structures can be made of many different kinds of materials.  Wood has the lowest environmental impact, but also deteriorates quickly. Keep in mind that outdoor playground equipment can fit into nature, or it can represent nature, as seen in various themed structures available at


Freestanding structures can be made of recycled materials as well.


Surfacing often gets the most attention, as it can affect the nearby groundwater.  Extensive studies have been conducted on the effects of poured-in-place surfaces but ultimately, nothing proved harmful.


Natural playgrounds are created after taking the time to research and learn about each component, type of material, and area of your space and then organizing them in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Allow Us to Help You Plan a Greener Playground Now

Natural outdoor play stimulates children both mentally and physically in a holistic way.  Let us help you bring the We have the experience and dedication to find something great for the local community, with all of the necessary certifications and a great reputation with school administrations and commercial business organizers across the U.S.


With specialized knowledge of the environmental factors of natural play, equipment experts like us can help you not only find a great product but save on your next purchase.  When you buy with us, we guarantee stress-free purchasing, delivery, and installation.


Contact us today at 800-667-0097 to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives, who would be happy to help you now!