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Natural Playground Equipment

Natural Playground Equipment

Find several options for natural playgrounds with! As the experts who are big on play and low on price, we know how to find safe, cost-effective playground options. But we also happen to know how to find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that can have a lower impact on local ecosystems while encouraging play. Whether you’re looking for natural playground equipment made out of recycled materials, for the most durable products that will simply have a low impact on the surrounding environment, or for nature-themed options meant to inspire children to love and respect the natural world, we can help. Our team of representatives can assist you and help you discover which natural outdoor playgrounds will help both your community and the surrounding ecosystems of your space.

Planning a Sustainable Play Space

There are many aspects to consider when planning and designing an eco-friendly, natural playground. Design teams and planners will want to know how to prioritize based on certain issues: what the materials are made out of, how the materials affect the local landscape, whether or not they embody a natural theme, whether or not the items are sustainable and fiscally responsible, or whether the site itself can be positively impacted. This can lead to a series of questions and then several lists of pros and cons. For instance, rubber mulch surfacing is recycled, but engineered wood may be more biodegradable should the pellets escape the bordered-in area. Wooden playgrounds may have that “green” feel, but their logs, planks, and beams will need to be replaced every few years. It’s these types of concerns that our team can discuss with you to find the best solution that meets your community’s goals by prioritizing what’s most important to the project as a whole.

Finding the Best Natural Playground Equipment

Administrators trying to create green playgrounds typically organize their focus on three major areas: the play structure itself, the free-standing components, and the surfacing. The surfacing often gets the most attention, as it can affect the nearby groundwater. Play structures can be made of many different kinds of materials, and free-standing components can often be made of recycled materials as well. Natural playgrounds are created after taking the time to research and learn about each component, type of material, and area of your space and then organizing them in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Allow Us to Help You Plan a Greener Playground Now

We have the experience and dedication to find something great for the local community, with all of the necessary certifications and a great reputation with school administrations and commercial business organizers across the U.S. With specialized knowledge of the environmental factors of natural play, equipment experts like us can help you not only find a great product but save on your next purchase. When you buy with us, you can know that you’ll have a less stressful experience with purchasing, delivery, and installation. Contact us today at 800-667-0097 to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives, who would be happy to help you now!