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Children Picnic Table

Here at, we specialize in creating a fun and safe outdoor environment for children without breaking the bank. While we have a lot of commercial playground equipment to offer online, we are also committed to low prices on commercial playground equipment and accessories. Although our larger scale playground equipment is extremely popular amongst our customers, we have a lot of other, economical pieces available that enhance the level of outdoor fun and comfort for kids. One of these popular pieces is our childrens' picnic table. Our kids outdoor picnic table pieces come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are brightly colored to enhance children's interest sitting at their table and perfectly sized for small children to sit and eat comfortably.

We have traditional squared picnic table styles, as well as round tables; we even have a realistic boulder picnic table for sale, complete with a built in cave, designed for both climbing and eating. Some of these tables are better for older children, while others are specifically designed with small toddlers in mind. Age and weight limit recommendations for safety in commercial tables are included in most product descriptions, although we understand that other safety questions may arise. We are happy to answer any additional safety questions regarding our equipment or accessories by telephone or e-mail.

With any of our kids outdoor picnic tables, young children will no longer have to struggle to reach their plates during cookouts or gatherings. Each childrens' picnic table is made out of durable plastic or metal, eliminating the risk of splinters; a common concern for parents or daycare providers with traditional wooden tables. As an added benefit, many of these tables are constructed with recycled plastic materials, which is a great benefit for the environment. Their durability also enables them to withstand nature, as well as child's play. While the kids outdoor picnic tables are durable, most of them are also easily moved, making them the ultimate outdoor accessory for kids of all ages. They are an excellent option for daycares, elementary schools or public parks where children frequently spend time outside.

Our childrens' picnic tables, however, are not limited to outdoor play and eating. Many of these tables can also serve as indoor dining tables or activity tables. Those seeking a kids outdoor picnic table that doubles as an activity table should consider a product that features a flat, metal or plastic top versus a steel ribbed one. A steel ribbed table top makes activities, such as writing, drawing and painting much more difficult, although the ribs are better for eating. The age of the children, as well as the desired uses of the table should be taken into consideration when purchasing. The ability to move a majority of these smaller tables is ideal for daycare facilities or pre-school settings where additional seating may be occasionally required for small children, while larger tables are more popular in public parks and elementary schools. For those looking to buy a childrens' picnic table, we offer convenient ordering by phone or online, as well as delivery services.