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PGE - Playground Safety Signs

Keep kids safe and adults informed with eye-catching playground safety signs from These signs display your most important playground information in a friendly way. Communicate to your community any of the necessary rules, regulations, and welcome messages that need to be said on a daily basis. While reminding parents of their responsibilities, these signs allow kids to play in a safe way.

The signs for sale on our site are durable and weather-resistant, providing long-term use, like many of our other playground equipment products. Playground safety signs are absolutely essential to any sites that are regularly opened to the general public, whether it be a public park, commercial area for employees and their children, or even a schoolyard that is open for summer fun.

With these signs, you can communicate a few key rules and recommendations. For instance, the signs might indicate whether the playground is ADA accessible (for more information about ADA accessibility, feel free to call us at 1-800-667-0097). Also, playground safety signs are typically expected to list the age range of kids who are allowed on the equipment. Then, a playground designer might want to ask themselves other questions: Will children be allowed on the playground without adult supervision? Can the kids use the equipment when it's wet with rainwater? Also, are there any other rules or regulations that will need to be enforced (such as rules against littering)?

Note that we can also produce custom playground signage that fits your playground and community perfectly. If you have an important rule that's not on one of our signs, it's still important that your community know it. We can work with you to produce an affordable and beautiful solution. With cool designs and fun kid-friendly fonts, we'll let the kids and parents of your community know how to keep the playground clean and safe.

Contact us today to talk about which playground safety signs will fit your overall playground site design. You can call us or contact us with our online chat feature. Request a quote today by putting the items you like into your quote cart. With, you can buy affordable signage, get quick delivery, and create a perfect space for the kids in your community.