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S-Hook Tool $144.00

S-Hook Tool

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  • S-Hook Tool

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S-Hook Pliers

The s-hook is an essential piece of equipment that comes with many swing sets and play devices. For maximum safety and security, s-hooks should be closed upon installation and routinely checked, maintained, adjusted, and routinely replaced. An s-hook is what makes swings and other fun playground areas safe. Over a long enough time period, they will tend to open up. After so many kids have used your playground equipment, it's generally recommended to check and close the s-hooks. Closing the s-hook can be difficult, and they can break or get damaged when you use an alternative tool like a hammer or an unfit pair of pliers. It's important to have the right tool for the job, and s-hooks typically require a pair of strong s-hook pliers.

These s-hook pliers can lead to cost-savings, as your maintenance team members will have the tools they need on hand to make sure that your playground stays safe, prolonging the life of the equipment and costly major repairs. With this strong tool, one can open and close those powerful s-hooks with ease. Produced by the high-quality brand Child Works, these s-hook pliers have been designed by the same people producing many of this strong, long-lasting playground equipment.

This is a very important tool to have at one's side while performing monthly or annual maintenance of play systems. A broken or open s-hook can be very dangerous for children playing with the swing or playground item, and should be fixed right away. To meet ASTM standards, the s-hooks should always be closed and at least within .04 inches. With these, you can help to keep your commercial or public playground safe. Along with maintaining your items, the pliers can also be used for quick installation of new swings or devices that need to be replaced. (Note that this item is for adults and professionals only, and can harm students and children when left unattended.)

Those looking to update or invest in playground solutions involving s-hooks should buy this product. Fast and affordable delivery options are available now. To learn more about this or any other items that we have for sale, feel free to call us at 1-800-667-0097 or to use our online chat feature.