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Playground Equipment PlanningRecreational time is critical for healthy children and adults. Children tend to enjoy playgrounds, and parents want to build them. Planning for the construction of a DIY project is important, as one must accommodate for safety, grade of materials, and usage by children. Many parents call us with a plan or a notion of a plan. They want to attach a swing to a tree, a slide to a deck, or something similar in nature.

Risk Factors: These are not bad ideas given a proper understanding and acceptance of risk. Please understand play equipment is manufactured for a specific use, not a general use. We offer swing seats made for swing sets, not trees. Generally, the slide is offered as an independent unit or as an event on a play system. However many of our slides have been used to create a one-of-a-kind adventure, indoors and out. Consult an architect when adding an indoor plastic or steel slide inside your home or business.

Anticipate Costs: Many individuals do not realize that custom commercial playground equipment components can be costly. If one wants a custom slide of commercial quality that is over 10 feet high with twists and curves, it is not going to be an item one can obtain locally. Such items are custom made to the customer’s specifications and have a much higher cost than many anticipate.

Satisfying Results: Building a custom playground can be a challenge, but a rewarding one once accomplished. Understanding and removing major risks can avoid some injuries entirely. Proper planning will save time and money. Whether your plans include a large structure or individual components, contact us for planning a safe playground within your budget.

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