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Commercial Playgrounds are high-quality play systems made with commercial-grade materials such as galvanized steel, roto-molded plastic, and polyethylene. They are designed to accommodate high-volume play throughout the year. These playgrounds are designed with safety as the top priority. Unlike residential playgrounds, commercial playgrounds are made to accommodate large groups of people.

Playgrounds usually consist of these components: structures, swing sets, slides, merry-go-rounds, spinners, bouncers, activity panels, climbers, safety surfacing, site amenities, and more. Some of the main concerns revolving around commercial playgrounds are the benefits and goals, design and customization, and financing and fundraising.



Benefits and Goals

Playground equipment has several benefits for children; playing is more important than most people think. Playtime has been proven to help emotional, mental, and physical health. Kids are building several skills while playing: motor skills, social skills, strength, and imagination.

A playground can serve many purposes and intentions. For example, a playground for a school with kids ages 5-12 will be designed much differently than a workout area for adults, or a play space at daycare for younger children. This is why it is crucial to conduct research on the surrounding community before deciding on the equipment. The goal should be to have equipment that pleases all groups of people visiting your facility: children, parents, teenagers, senior citizens, or even pets!


Design and Customization


There are endless possibilities for design and customization options of playgrounds. Commercial playground designers use various programs to create the play space you have envisioned: 2D and 3D site renderings, customizing structures and components to fit specified needs, structure revisions, and color renderings. Designers use these programs to ensure that all of the playground equipment will fit in the desired play space area, switching out different components of the play system, and personalizing the color and themes of the playground.


Financing and Fundraising


The cost is one of the biggest and most common concerns with creating a commercial playground. However, there are many resources available for fundraising, as well as financing options. Financing a playground provides a more flexible way of building a commercial playground by allowing you to pay as you go in three to five phases. This helps break down the project into smaller pieces so it is not as overwhelming and does not stretch out your budget. 

Fundraising is another way to raise money for purchasing a playground. Many types of grants are available to help knock down the price, as well.


Edited by: Ben Thompson