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Would fabric be a good option to shade the playing area?

Fabric is one of the best and most popular shade options for play areas. Fabric shades are becoming increasingly popular. There are several locations where fabric shade structures can be installed: commercial playgrounds, schools, parks, water parks, apartment complexes, hospitality, housing communities, campgrounds, and more.

These shades come in various sizes, heights, shapes, styles, and colors! Generally, fabric shades are mounted to the surface or in-ground to keep them secure. Most fabric shades have the option to be ordered with a glide elbow feature, providing easy installation and removal.

The frames are made from galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. The shade is made from a high-quality fabric designed to protect against UV ray exposure, rain, or other weather elements.


fabric shade structure over a playground


Benefits of Shade Structures

  • Shade structures have many benefits to any outdoor recreational space. People need to spend time outdoors, but certain weather elements should be considered. Sunny days are great, but too much UV ray exposure can damage the skin. Also, shades can shield people from precipitation; kids can play in the rain or shine!

  • People can be more comfortable playing in outdoor recreational spaces with shade structures. On scorching hot days, kids and adults can gather under the shade structure to cool off!

  • Commercial playground equipment and other structures would stay protected from all weather conditions: sun exposure, rain, snow, and hail! Installing shades will extend the quality and vibrance of the equipment.

  • Shade structures can also add to an area’s visual appeal and aesthetics. For example, a sports team can have a shade structure over the spectator area in their school colors!

  • Shades are long-lasting, which will give you more bang for your buck!


Edited by: Ben Thompson