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Playground Barriers and Panels

For parents and owners of commercial playground equipment, knowing that children will remain safe while playing is an important selling point when deciding on recreational structures to buy. At, we offer playground barriers that ensure kids have fun while staying out of harm’s way. Panels are another way to keep your playground safe. Our clear panels give kids a different and educational view of the world, while activity panels keep them engaged and having fun. Ground-level activity panels are also great to ensure that the playground is fun for children of all abilities, including those with disabilities.

All of our panels are designed to capture kids' interest and support their developmental needs. We have simple playground panels with clear inserts for the budget-minded buyer. Our bubble panels allow children to look out on the playground while they play, supporting their visual and sensory development. If you’re interested in purchasing a panel that will help with a child's education, consider purchasing one of our activity panels for sale. These playground panels provide activities and puzzles to solve for inquisitive kids who want to keep learning outside of the classroom, introducing kids to foundational math and science concepts in an enjoyable outdoor setting.

Beyond their educational value, some of these panels also feature themes that encourage creativity and teamwork among young learners. These panels can prompt kids to invent stories around what they see and interact with. For instance, a panel with a space theme can inspire children to pretend that they’re astronauts on a mission to space. This type of imaginative play helps to build life skills like problem-solving and flexible thinking.

Our sturdy playground barriers also can keep kids from accessing dangerous areas and protect them from unnecessary falls on high structures. Popular barriers include pipes to allow kids to grip rails and balance themselves while walking. Check out our playground barriers that include panels to provide the best playground experience possible: These barriers combine the safety features of a barrier with the mental stimulation of an activity panel to keep kids in safe areas. Panels can include nature- or art-related games and activities as well. Choose a fun, colorful barrier that fits in with your equipment and supports inclusive play!