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There are many different types of swings to choose from: traditional belt seats, bucket seats, tire seats, nest seats (disc-shaped), adaptive seats, and wheelchair platforms. Commercial swing sets can be customized in several different ways to create many combinations: swing seats, configurations, sizes, and colors! 

Since there are so many different choices available, how do you decide which option suits your needs the best?


Swing Seats

  • Traditional belt swing seats are arguably the most popular type of seat; they can be used by school-aged children all the way up to older adults! 

  • High-back bucket swing seats are used by infants and toddlers to keep them safe and controlled while swinging. 

  • Adaptive swing seats allow children and adults of all ability levels to take a turn on the swings. This swing seat is perfect for kids that have disabilities or mobility challenges. 

  • Similarly, wheelchair swings allow children and adults in wheelchairs to have fun on the swing. These wings feature a ramp to enter and exit as well as a pull cord for easy swinging.

  • Tire swings and nest swings offer a unique way to have fun on a swing set!

cantilever single-post swingset

Swing Set Configurations

  • Single-post swing sets are a great option if your commercial playground area has limited space; it is simply two upright posts supporting one top rail. 

  • The arch-post swing set features a sleek, compact design and has plenty of space at the base. 

  • Bipods and tripods take up more space than the other configurations but are still popular choices. 

  • Cantilever T-swing sets are a great option for younger kids because the lower top rails prevent them from swinging too high or too fast.


Edited by: Ben Thompson