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There are many different types of swings to choose from, like traditional belt seats, bucket seats, tire seats, nest seats (disc-shaped), adaptive seats, and wheelchair platforms. And commercial swing sets can be customized in several different ways to create many combinations of swing seats, components, sizes, and colors! 

Since there are so many different choices available, how do you decide which option suits your needs the best? Choosing the right type of swing for your children starts with understanding the different types of swings available and the differences between them. Considering this information and the ages and play preferences of the children who will use your swings should help you make the right choice.


Swing Seats

  • Traditional belt swing seats also known as sling swings, are ideal for older children who can maintain an upright position in a backless seat. The heavy-duty rubber seats, arguably the most popular option, provide comfort and flexibility, conforming to the child's body for a more relaxed swinging experience. They can be used by school-aged children all the way up to older adults. 

  • High-back bucket swing seats are used by infants and toddlers to keep them safe and controlled while swinging. 

  • Adaptive swing seats allow children and adults of all ability levels to take a turn on the swings. Accessible swings are designed to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities or limited mobility. They differ from traditional swings in that they are equipped with features such as wider seats, secure harnesses, and back support to ensure safety and comfort for users with special needs.

  • Similarly, wheelchair swings allow children and adults in wheelchairs to have fun on the swing. These wings feature a ramp to enter and exit as well as a pull cord for easy swinging.

  • Tire swings and nest swings offer a unique way to have fun on a swing set! These swing styles allow for more dynamic movement compared to traditional belt swings. They can accommodate multiple children at once and swing in various directions.

cantilever single-post swingset

Swing Set Configurations

  • Single-post swing sets are a great option if your commercial playground area has limited space; it is simply two upright posts supporting one top rail. 

  • The arch-post swing set features a sleek, compact design and has plenty of space at the base. 

  • Bipods and tripods take up more space than the other configurations but are still popular choices. 

  • Cantilever T-swing sets are a great option for younger kids because the lower top rails prevent them from swinging too high or too fast.


Edited by: Ben Thompson