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Surfaces Accidents happen, but impacts can be lessened.

Low Maintenance Costs

  • IPEMA Certified

    This third-party testing meets multiple critical fall heights per ASTM F-1292.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    Our rubber surfaces are built durable and problem-free time after time.

  • Ships Quick

    We stock all of our product to meet immediate demands of your project.

  • Flexible Installation

    Easy for our installers to customize designs to meet specific job requests.

  • 2-Layer System

    An impact-cushioning base layer is topped with color EPDM for aesthetics.

  • Base Work

    Sub-base includes concrete, asphalt, or most commonly crushed stone.

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1st Choice for Price

  • Fall Height Rating

    An 8-inch depth is rated to 8-feet and 12-inch depth is rated to 12-feet.

  • Simple Install

    Can be installed directly on top of many soil types without expensive base prep.

  • Support Local Business

    Wood Fiber is harvested, processed, and manufactured regionally.

  • Simple Maintenance

    Grab a rake and level high-use patterns. Mats can assist with persistent issues.

Complete the System

Fused Foam Drainage Tiles

  • Water is Unavoidable

    These tiles eliminate need for expensive gravel and increase surface longevity.

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Geotextile Fabric

  • Not Just Weeds

    Fabric helps with filtration, erosion control, and soil stabilization.

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Loose-Fill Recycled Rubber Mulch Nuggets

  • Safety Certified

    IPEMA certified product van give peace of mind of safety and quality control.

  • Durability Guaranteed

    12 year color loss and 50 year impact attention warranties standard.

  • Attractive & Functional

    Unlike some surfaces, rubber always looks vibrant and clean.

  • Nature-Friendly

    Give used tires a second chance with 100% recycled rubber mulch.

Two Ways to Buy

2,000 pound super sack

  • New Installation

    Almost spreads itself, best to use a forklift with this for maneuvering.

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50 sets of 24 pound bags

  • Maintenance

    Ideal to add small amounts of material to specific areas.

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Alternative Surfaces

Rubber Wear Mat

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  • Requires Burying

    Each rubber wear mat is 4 foot x 2 foot long and is 2-inches thick.

Rubber Tiles

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  • Ideal for DIY

    Great affordability on smaller projects with less square footage.

Synthetic Turf

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  • No More Mowing

    Finished product protects as much as any other commercial surface.

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Safe Playground Flooring Materials

Every day, thousands of children head outside to exercise and explore the world through play on a playground in a residential or commercial space. While the playground is meant to be a place to play and have fun, countless dangers can present themselves to children. Falling, bruising, and abrasions are all potential threats to children who are out playing on jungle gyms and other playground equipment. For this and many other reasons, having the proper playground flooring in place is of the utmost importance.

Affordable Playground Surfaces offers many options in safe, affordable playground surfacing, including:

  • Foam drainage triangles
  • Rubber mats
  • Geotextile fabric
  • Rubber mulch nuggets
  • Synthetic turf
  • Engineered wood fiber

A playground’s foundation should always be covered with playground rubber mulch or another type of soft, safe material.

What Is the Best Playground Surface Material?

The best playground flooring material for your space will vary depending on factors including the size of the area, the equipment layout, and your budget. One particularly popular surfacing material these days is rubber mulch. Recent developments in technology have allowed for rubber to be shredded up and recycled as rubber mulch; playground rubber mulch is a safer type of outdoor playground flooring compared to more traditional mulches that can break into splinters and pierce the skin. offers low prices on this recycled, permeable material, which provides a safe play surface for children without taking away from the aesthetic appearance of the playground. But this material is not only suitable as a rubber playground surface: Recycled rubber mulch available for sale from for playground safety surfacing is also environmentally friendly and can be used around plants, trees, and other shrubbery.

In addition to rubber mulch, we also carry wood fiber, another form of safe playground flooring. This type of surface is also highly economical. Not only does this playground surfacing material provide a safe surface for children to play on, but it is also slip-resistant and less expensive than some other surface alternatives. When installed properly, playground surfaces made of wood fiber make playgrounds accessible to those who are in wheelchairs or those who are pushing strollers. Installing a wood fiber play surface from will make your playground a safe and family-friendly environment for all to come and enjoy!

Should you be in the market to make your existing playground safer but not interested in loose-fill surfacing such as wood mulch, we suggest you consider one of our rubber playground mats. When you install one of these playground mats at the base of a slide, for example, you provide a nice cushion for the kids that helps break their fall. You can order one or more of these playground mats in a number of different sizes to help improve your school or park playground. Because of their versatility, these outdoor rubber tiles are a top choice for many of our customers.

Playground surfaces such as engineered wood fiber and rubber mulch are affordable and readily available nationwide through our distribution programs, but other popular soft surfaces, such as poured-in-place playground rubber flooring, are offered through our in-house installation crews. For the ultimate in low-maintenance safety surfacing, call or email us for a free quote on these high-quality poured surfaces. is proud to offer high-quality, durable playground safety surface material that is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Call today to buy your new, environmentally friendly playground surface or rubber playground mats from our catalog. You can even place your order online right now for fast shipping and delivery of your rubber playground tiles or other playground structures or items.