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Under Heavy Use: Play Equipment at Schools

Schools are the cornerstone of our society, training future generations to be healthy, educated citizens.  While few would question the value of a proper education in science, math, or language skills, the value of active play often goes underappreciated for its positive effects on, not just physical fitness, but mental and social health as well.

For this reason and more, school playground equipment is an investment to take seriously.  School administrators shouldn’t be at the mercy of commercial playground equipment manufacturers when it comes to understanding where to find the best playground equipment for sale.  We’ve provided a reference for self-education on our favorite subject.

What Use is a School Playground?

Beyond the obvious that a playground provides the ultimate recess equipment and recreation center for students, these structures offer… well, structure for after school activities and community engagement.

Elementary school playground equipment is targeted toward children of a young age, so it can be a great forum for children to gather and play during public events hosted by the school.  Seasonal festivals, PTO meetings, fundraisers, and art fairs are just a few of the events that drive commerce to schools, and a playground will only enrich the experience for children accompanying their parents.

Middle school playground equipment can serve a different purpose entirely.  As kids prepare for the transition to high school, they’re becoming more active in extracurriculars like sports and club meetings.  Playgrounds can serve as a great gathering place for these after school activities, and more challenging structures can even be utilized to assist strength and agility training for athletic organizations.  

Finding a Quality Supplier

The heavy use of public playgrounds must be taken into consideration in understanding the design and construction requirements of commercial school playground equipment.

All structures must be built in compliance with ASTM International and CPSC standards. Slides and climbers must be constructed with commercial grade raw materials and proper support with regard to the height and proximity to other structures.  School swing sets must be supported on separate posts to ensure a safe range of movement away from other playground structures.

Paint and plastics are chosen to endure direct sun for generations of use, and most materials are developed to resist vandalism like graffiti and defacement.  Playgrounds are not a disposable investment, but one that should last a lifetime.  Make sure the commercial playground equipment manufacturer you choose to do business with is as committed to quality and safety as you are.

Kid-Proofing Play

Although public playgrounds are designed for parental supervision, many children play unsupervised and let’s be honest.  We can’t expect children to use caution when they’re out to have a good time. Therefore, the onerous falls upon construction and design to craft an environment that removes or at the very least minimizes unperceivable dangers.

Fall-resistant covering such as poured-in-place surfaces or rubber mulch nuggets have gone a long way in reducing the risk of injury on playgrounds across the country.  Rounded edges and capped posts minimize sharp or jagged surfaces that might cut or scrape children.  Themed panels double as a barrier for raised platforms and an activity for young children.

Use a Professional

Planning a school playground is a task that can encumber time and resources. Avoid some of the headache by choosing equipment that is tested for safety and durability., as one of the top school playground equipment suppliers in the United States, believes in the safety and reliability of every single piece of equipment we sell.  You need to know your children are in good hands and on a sturdy surface.  A trained playground safety advisor is always on hand at