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Free-Standing Tree House Structures

Our free-standing tree house products are small but exciting playground structures with a distinctly natural theme. They use components with detailed natural molding patterns and leafy accents to make the structures feel like jungle hideaways, which makes them especially great for adventurous children with active imaginations. Each of them offers enclosed spaces to explore, which makes kids feel more like these spaces are just for them. All of the products in this category are low to the ground and don’t include tall climbing elements, which makes them appropriate even for children as young as 2 years old. And since these structures are free-standing, they can easily be installed anywhere without needing additional structures to support them.

These play structures use highly durable 5-inch galvanized steel support posts, which make them sturdy and capable of withstanding outdoor conditions for years without needing repairs or maintenance. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all young explorers, our tree houses also meet all relevant national safety standards, including ASTM and CPSC guidelines, making them both fun and safe for children. And our products come with a comprehensive warranty, covering everything from structural integrity to the finish of each piece, to give you added peace of mind.

Tree House Play Structures for Play Areas

At, we’re here to make sure that you can find exactly the right tree house play structure for your playground. We always provide detailed product information, including specifics on the materials used and the expected lifespan of each component, so you can make an informed decision. And we also offer a range of customization options, including additional features such as themed panels, interactive climbers, and tunnels, to help you provide a fully immersive play experience that fits your playground's theme or space requirements.

We’re also available to assist you beyond the sale with our professional installation services. Our team is equipped to handle the setup of any playground, ensuring that it is done quickly and correctly, which allows you to focus on what truly matters — creating a fun and engaging environment for children to play in.

By enhancing your playground with our free-standing tree house structures, you’ll provide not just a play area but a launching pad for children's imaginations and a safe space for them to challenge themselves and interact socially, all within the captivating theme of a natural hideaway. Get a free quote today to get started.