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Playground Border and Edging Products

Playgrounds across the nation are often covered in some sort of mulch. Whether it’s a traditional wood mulch or the more eco-friendly recycled rubber mulch, it needs to be contained. Mulch is kicked around on a daily basis by eager children and bustling parents trying to corral their kids, so it can be tricky to keep it where you want it. But it’s easy to keep the mulch on your residential or commercial playground in place with a rubber playground border from

No matter what location your playground is in or what type of mulch your playground has, you deserve the best in rubber edging for your outdoor play space. Settling for less-than-superior-quality playground edging is unacceptable, especially for containing the mulch that covers your playground. Barriers help to keep the mulch on your playground in place: Without any kind of containment system, mulch will be scattered about in a matter of minutes, and it could need to be replaced in a matter of days. Use border timbers to edge your loose-fill playground surfaces to save yourself work and money. You can also use another type of rubber mulch border from our extensive catalog to meet your needs. When you’re ready to buy a border for playground spaces, choose from faux stone, rubber curbs, and ADA ramps to allow wheelchair access. And our friendly customer service experts can assist you in finding the best playground border or rubber edging and planning its installation at your school or other location.

Of course, we also have plastic playground border materials for sale. Like all of the playground edging and border options that we offer, our plastic borders will help to demarcate a play area while maintaining the integrity of the mulch on the playground. And whether you choose a plastic border or rubber edging, you can get these products in a range of colors, so it’s easy for you to match your plastic or rubber border to the play equipment already installed on your playground.

At, we know all about playgrounds, barriers and borders included. We offer only the highest-quality playground barrier products to our customers, and we back all of the products we sell with our satisfaction guarantee. Quality, affordable playground borders can help make your local playground a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Call today to speak to one of our friendly specialists and get a no-obligation quote on the best commercial playground border for your needs. Order online today to buy a border for your commercial or residential playground and we will process your order quickly and efficiently, then ship your border out to you for fast delivery at a low cost!


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