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Factors for Designing Community Playgrounds at Parks

A park is often built for public use by a local community and to enhance the community. For this specific reason, park playground equipment is expected to withstand intense use over the span of several years without replacement. Park equipment includes playground equipment and site amenities, such as picnic tables. Combining amenities with playground equipment offers adults and children alike a place for enjoyment.

What will last?: A park must choose products based on need, reliability, durability, and price. Most often, this comes down to a recommendation. recommends any equipment on our site. However, some equipment is recommended over others. For instance, metal spring riders are less easily vandalized than plastic counterparts. A 5-inch top-rail is recommended on swings, opposed to a 3.5 or 2.375-inch diameter top-rail.

Separate Age Levels: A separation of age appropriate playground equipment is recommended so that parents understand the recommended ages. This is achieved through signage, fencing, and other means of separation and education. Designers of parks often overlook this. Without guidance, parents will not know what equipment is appropriate for whom. Lack of signage can result in misuse of equipment and the injuries that result.

National Safety Standards: Park playground equipment is built to meet or exceed commercial standards. Parks can choose from hundreds of items specifically designed for outdoor use in public areas. These items include swings, slides, climbers, structures, and more. Do not forget when planning your park playground to provide a budget for safety surfacing. For assistance in planning your park, contact a live support person at