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Stand-N-Spin $3,184.00

  • Stand-N-Spin
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Product Specifications

Model Number:
Age Range:
5-12 years
Child Capacity:
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
Product Type:
Safety Zone:
20' x 15' 5"

Product Description

The Stand-N-Spin stands out as a prime example of spinning playground equipment, designed to capture the adventurous spirit of children with its exhilarating spinning action. This innovative piece of playground equipment that spins offers effortless fun, enabling children to initiate a delightful spin with just a push of the foot or with the assistance of a friend, harnessing the power of inertia for endless entertainment. It boasts a robust, non-slip platform and a semi-enclosed frame enhanced with multiple grab bars for optimum safety, ensuring a secure environment for children to engage in high-speed spinning adventures without safety concerns. As a freestanding unit, it offers the advantage of easy installation, effortlessly fitting into any playground.

With a vibrant selection of color options, the Stand-N-Spin is customizable to suit any playground's design theme, making it a centerpiece that not only supports active individual play but also fosters balance, coordination, and social interaction among children ages 5 to 12. This distinctive piece of spinning playground equipment enriches playtime by promoting physical activity and facilitating moments of joy and teamwork. Kids have the option to either self-propel for solo fun or work together with peers for a group spinning experience, emphasizing the value of cooperative play and making the Stand-N-Spin a must-have feature in any play area seeking to offer a unique and engaging spinning adventure. It’s a great addition to almost any playground, since not many have anything else quite like it.

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