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Galvanized Steel Spikes for Playground Installation $13.00

Galvanized Steel Spikes for Playground Installation
  • Galvanized Steel Spikes for Playground Installation
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Galvanized steel spikes, or landscape timber spikes, are an essential component for installing commercial playground timbers and ramps. These galvanized spikes are the perfect stakes for landscape timbers and play equipment, helping you to anchor these fixtures securely to the ground.

Installation: Galvanized steel spikes install easily. Just position one steel spike over a border timber's pre-manufactured slot and push or hammer it into the ground. You don't need any special equipment, just a mallet or sledgehammer, depending on the soil's density. Soak extra-dry soil with water before installing landscape timber spikes to make installation easier.

Durability: Galvanized spikes are long-lasting and won't deteriorate by rusting. Galvanization is the process that ensures long life for steel spikes. It protects steel in two ways. First, it covers the steel with a coat of zinc that prevents corrosive material from reaching the metal underneath. Second, if the steel spike is scratched, the more reactive zinc will participate in the reaction instead of the steel. The result is a low-maintenance spike that will hold up to extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Strength: These steel spikes are manufactured specifically for anchoring border timbers. They are much stronger than heavy plastic or aluminum spikes, adding to the safety and stability of your playground equipment.

Safety: Proper use of these landscape timber spikes helps keep safe any child or adult who steps onto a secured landscape bed or playground. Unsecured timbers may tip easily and can result in an injury. Most border timbers are manufactured with a recess for the spike head to sink into, which prevents a person from tripping or getting scratched and gouged by an unseated spike head. Use landscape timber anchors properly by installing them with steel spikes to reduce tripping hazards and chances for liability injuries.

Aesthetics: Recessed areas in landscape and playground border timbers hide spike heads from view, contributing to the clean, finished appearance of the timbers. And secured landscape timbers won't shift as easily as unsecured timbers during harsh weather or heavy traffic, preserving a tidy appearance for your play area.

Availability: We have two lengths of galvanized steel spikes for sale, so you can buy either 20- or 28-inch-long stakes. We also sell these playground stakes online in large quantities; just request a free quote and we'd be glad to assist you with your order.

Ask a Question

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what is the diameter of the shaft of the spike?
  • Hi Jeff,
    Our hot dipped galvanized spike has a 1.5" diameter round button head with a shaft measuring 
    28.5"L x 0.667" Diameter. They weigh 3lbs each.
    The Answer from Ben Thompson - August 22, 2023
Is the spike 3/4
  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your question. Yes, the spike is tapered to a point at the end and is generally driven into the ground using a mallet. 

    The Answer from Ben Thompson - August 22, 2023 - September 29, 2020
What is the diameter of these spikes?
  • Dear Hunter, 

    The diameter of the head on our galvanized steel spike is 1.25"

    Thank you,
    The Answer from Ben Thompson - August 22, 2023 - September 29, 2020 - July 16, 2020