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Sun Safety for Kids on the Playground

The Sun provides us with a number of important functions. The Sun gives us warmth, it helps plants and vegetation grow and many other valuable functions. In moderation it is one of the best parts of our lives. However, if you are exposed to too much of the Sun you can be putting yourself at risk of burns, dehydration and possibly at risk of skin cancer.

Being outside during the daylight people are in direct sunlight. Whether you are a child playing in the playground or an adult working in your yard, you are potentially at risk. To protect yourself from overexposure of the Sun, it is important to take certain precautions. Limiting the amount of time in the Sun, finding shade when possible, wearing clothes that cover exposed skin, sunscreen usage and wearing hats are all effective ways to limit your skin to exposure to the Sun.

To learn more about the dangers of prolonged exposure to the Sun and what you can do to prevent overexposure, we have included the following resources. Please feel free to use this information to stay safe while in the Sun. Forward this information to others who can benefit from this knowledge. And, stay safe and have fun in the Sun!

Dangers of UV Exposure from the Sun

Importance of Sun Protection

Sun Protection Information and Methods