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Physical Education Guide

To keep your body and brain working the way they should, doctors recommend that kids have at least 60 minutes of activity every day and eat a variety of healthy foods. Knowing how to stay active and which foods you need is part of your overall physical education. You can find plenty of resources online to help you build strength and energy and keep your body healthy.

About Your Muscles

Learn about the types of muscles and the major muscles that you make stronger when you exercise.

10 Tips to Becoming More Active as a Family

No matter how busy you are, you and your family can fit more physical activity in your day by following these tips.

Benefits of Exercise

Work out your brain as you test your knowledge of physical fitness with this crossword puzzle from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Kid's Healthy Eating Plate

Nutrition experts at Harvard University created the Kid's Healthy Eating Plate to help kids visualize how much of each food group they should include in their meals.

The Nutrition Facts Label

A colorful infographic details what the parts of a food's nutrition label mean and how you can use that information to make healthier eating decisions.

A Fitness Test for Kids

Follow this short, five-move guide, created with a doctor's help, to test your balance, strength, flexibility, heart, and endurance and find out where you need to improve in your physical fitness.

Arthur Fitness Quiz

Characters from the PBS Kids favorite Arthur join you as you answer ten questions about fitness, like how much exercise you need each day and what counts as exercise.

Eating and Exercise Trivia Quiz

Earn up to ten points on a trivia quiz that asks you questions about healthy eating and staying active.

Healthy Hero Quiz

Answer six questions on exercise and nutrition to determine if you're a healthy hero.

Veggie Quiz: Ten Questions to Test Your Super Food IQ

Vegy Vida has a ten-question quiz to test your smarts on yummy superfoods.

Activity and Skills Log

The activity and skills log from Active for Life is divided into activities like climbing a tree, running, and dancing that you can record to help you get at least 60 minutes of healthy movement per day.

We Can! Screen Time Chart

We Can! encourages you to cut back on your screen time so that you have more time for physical education and activity.

Fruit and Veggie Trackers

Become a Color Champion by making a point to eat each fruit and vegetable on the "eater meter," recording how many fruits and vegetables you eat on the tracker and planning for plenty of fruits and vegetables with the weekly shopping planner.

I'm Stuck on Fruits and Veggies

You can keep track of the fruits and vegetables you eat when you stick the PLU stickers from the outside of the produce to the boxes on this sheet.

Plant Power With the Super Crew

Go on a nutrition adventure with the Super Crew, a team of eight Super Kids who have superpowers thanks to healthy foods and who want to help you become a Super Kid, too! You can learn about how vegetables and fruits can help your body here, then click around to find fun activities.

Blast Off

In Blast Off, you are an astronaut who needs to fuel your MyPlate spaceship with the right food and 60 minutes of activity so that it can blast off and fly for 60 minutes.

Dining Decisions

In this quick game from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you select the foods that you think are part of a healthy meal.

Food Detectives Fight BAC

Help the Food Detectives fight back against bacteria in four cases that teach the importance of safe cooking and eating habits.

Sweat-Step-Sleep-Sit Charades

In this new version of charades, you and your friends or family write activities that make you sweat, move, or sit, and places where you sleep, then have one another guess what the others wrote by acting the activities out.


Inspired by the popular Pokemon games, in Trainer, you care for the nutrition and fitness needs of your creature friends by choosing the right foods for them to eat and using a webcam to exercise with them.

Fun 25-Minute At-Home Workout for Kids

Strengthen your whole body in 25 minutes with three energizing games.

Full-Body Conditioning Exercises for Kids

Active Kids walks you through ten no-weight exercises with descriptions and images to keep you strong, balanced, agile, and coordinated.

Crew Strength Training

The Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut program from NASA challenges you to work your muscles and balance the way an astronaut launching into space would, including body-weight squats and push-ups for strength training.

Kids, It's Time to Get Active

Find ideas for playing alone or with friends.

Physical Activity for Around the House

Believe it or not, household chores count as physical activity, too.

Sesame Street's We Have the Moves

This physical education guide from Sesame Street has four sections with activities to keep you moving whether you're indoors, outdoors, or around the house.

Animal Yoga

Watch this one-and-a-half-minute video from Sesame Street to learn about the strength-building, animal-inspired yoga postures that can help you build muscle and stay healthy.

Balance Games

Walk on a beam, jump the stream, and become a flamingo to improve your balance skills. The instructions include advanced challenges if the original versions are too easy.

Active Jumping-Jack Games

When you're stuck inside, jumping jacks are a great way to move a little and boost your energy.

Jump Rope Games to Help Everyone Jump In

Jumping rope alone is fun, but it's even better when one or more friends jump along. Try games like Snake, Cat and Mouse, and Double Dutch with friends to improve your jumping skills and work your heart.

Jump Rope Rhymes

Learn jump rope rhymes from around the world that you can sing while you swing that rope.

Space Jam Dance

Whether you've watched the movie Space Jam or not, you'll have a blast following this easy four-step dance for this basketball-inspired song.

Young Muve Dance Videoes

Try these dancing games and activities that encourage you to move and groove with the beat!

How to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly

Following these tips on shooting basics, forms, drills, and other skills can help you improve your game.

Soccer Drills for Kids

My Personal Football Coach provides several physical education videos that teach you skills like juggling and aerial control that you need on the soccer field. The exercises are good to try whether you play soccer or not.

Walking and Biking

Read why choosing to walk or bike instead of taking a car is a smart idea not only for you but also for the environment and your community

Written by: Ben Thompson