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Maximum Series Spiral Tube Slide Request

Maximum Series Spiral Tube Slide
  • Maximum Series Spiral Tube Slide
NOTE: Selecting “Blue” painted mulch changes quantity needed
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Product Specifications

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Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

The Maximum Series Spiral Tube Slide is one of our most exciting and impressive slides for Maximum Series play systems. It has a winding shape that coils a full 360 degrees, and an enclosed structure which adds to the fun. Kids love wacky shapes, which is why the spiral design is naturally appealing to them. In addition to the quick ride to the ground, they also get spun around. The slide can be ordered in just about any combination of colors, but an even better option might be to leave all or part of the slide transparent. This allows kids to see all around while they slide, ad lets plenty of light in to keep the tunnel from being too dark for some children. The tunnel also adds to the safety of the slide by making it impossible for riders to fall out of it.

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