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Circular Picnic Tables

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether the occasion is an impromptu family get-together or a large company picnic, it's important for playground and recreational facilities to have picnic tables that are not only safe and functional, but that also promote positive interactions. A circular picnic table is a popular choice because it gives everyone at the table an opportunity to easily see and talk with each other. Round tables are also handy for playing board games, since all players can have equal access to the game pieces.

Round Table Options

Schools, daycare centers, parks, campgrounds, and other commercial organizations often provide picnic tables for their guests to use. We are an online company specializing in playground equipment and there are a variety of table shapes and sizes, including round picnic tables, for sale on our website. Our tables are constructed using many different materials, such as polyethylene, steel, recycled plastic, wood, or concrete. Furthermore, you can choose from numerous color options. Some round picnic tables can also be adapted to hold an umbrella!

Table Uses

When you're trying to choose from our many round picnic tables for sale, consider who will be using the table most. Children might enjoy a colorful, fun table. Adults, on the other hand, might prefer a portable frame circular picnic table. Our online images and menu options can help you determine how many people can sit at a table and whether its benches are accessible. We invite you to also check out our delivery options!


Keep safety in mind when selecting a picnic table. Manufacturers are required to comply with guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission so that the tables will be durable and safe to use. Since it may be necessary to move the table into a shady place to prevent food spoilage at a picnic, consider the weight and portability of the table. On some tables, the legs can be folded or collapsed for storage. Get the dimensions of the table to determine how much storage space it will require.

For additional safety, consult manufacturer guidelines to find out how to keep the picnic table clean. Cleaning methods and products will depend upon the construction materials and surface coating the manufacturer used on the table. Before each use, it's important to disinfect the table surface to get rid of germs and avoid food contamination at picnics. Rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can damage outdoor tables. Cracks in the table surface might harbor dirt, germs, and insects. Proper care and maintenance of a picnic table will keep it safe and appealing to use.

The Hub

When looking at the round picnic tables for sale on our site, remember that the table will become the hub of outdoor parties. Children will run and jump around on playground equipment while adults mingle around the grill, but eventually picnickers of all ages like to sit down for a while to rest, visit, and eat. Buy an attractive, round table that invites guests to relax and have a good time! Set your mind at ease by providing a safe, durable table for everyone to enjoy.