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Our goal is to create playground environments that bring joy to each and every child, which is why we strive to design new play systems that are accessible and exciting to everyone. The structures in this product line have the same great climbers and slides as our other models as well as other wonderful features to make sure that all children can play and have fun together.

All areas of these play systems are inclusive; most of their elevated landing areas can be reached using ADA-compliant ramps with sufficient width, secure handrails, and a gentle slope to allow wheelchair users to ascend them easily. These platforms have large spaces for wheelchair users to turn around in as well as activity panels and drums to provide fun and games that they can enjoy with their friends.

We understand the importance of addressing the sensory processing needs of children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing disorders, too. That’s why our playgrounds include sensory-rich equipment that provides stimulating yet calming experiences. For example, sensory mazes and panels help children explore light and texture in a soothing environment, ensuring they do not get overwhelmed by the noise and stimulation of the playground.

The process of designing and building our inclusive playgrounds involves comprehensive planning and collaboration with accessibility and inclusion experts, prioritizing key principles of inclusive play such as fairness, independence, and safety. Safety is a top priority in our designs: Our playgrounds include safety surfacing and fall zones to prevent injuries, and all equipment is built to withstand heavy use while providing secure play opportunities. From initial consultations to design customization and installation, we ensure that each playground meets the unique needs of the community and provides a welcoming environment for all children.

No child should be left out of the fun during playtime, and with these fully accessible play systems, none will have to be. Our inclusive playgrounds foster social interaction, promote physical and emotional well-being, and ensure that every child, regardless of ability, can participate in and enjoy the joys of play. Contact us for a free quote today.