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Picnic tables for children are growing in popularity.  It’s a place for kids to have their own space without needing to engage in adult conversation.  In many ways, kids outdoor furniture is an extension of the playground.  

A picnic bench for kids also helps them build confidence, because they are sitting at a surface proportionate to their body sizes.  It helps children develop a sense of belonging at a young age, to feel like they fit in… literally.  

If you want quality construction and commercial-grade materials, look no further than our selection here at There are a number of benefits to going with our products.

Sturdy and Customizable

Not only are kids’ picnic tables great options for fun and inclusiveness, they’re also well-constructed and available with a variety of customization options, including shape, color, and size.  Most of our benches and tables come available with powder-coating, industry standard coating, or extreme advantage coating.  


Our picnic tables are constructed with a range of metals, including diamond pattern, perforated steel, and now slatted steel as well.  Tops are available flat or ribbed.  There are benefits to each of these options.  Whether you are using the table for arts and crafts or for eating, different surfaces will provide better or worse support for the desired activity.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The versatile, portable design of a toddler picnic table makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor festivities. Hosting a summer cookout, or having the whole extended family over for the winter holidays?  In the dining room or the backyard, these tables are a great place for kids to gather and enjoy the occasion.  It also allows to owner to relocate the table into the shade on hot days.  


Portable picnic tables can also be folded and stored away in a closet or shed when not in immediate use.  


Many may not consider safety precautions when using a table, but it is important for the protection of your children.  It is important to keep tables clean and disinfected, as your kids will be eating on them.  When cleaning, make sure you get inside the gaps and ribs of the metal pattern, as some of the internal corners will hide dirt, germs, and even insects.


All of our structures are required to comply with the guidelines presented by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. is a one-stop shop for all things outdoor entertainment.  From high-end commercial-grade playground structures to park benches and picnic tables, we have it all.