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About Playground

The Story
A Better Way to Play
There is a better way to play, and at we believe our equipment is the pinnacle of play. Although, our product is often the most affordable in the industry, we maintain the highest quality, not just in product, but also in customer service. We’re obsessive about our brand and it shows. Our innovations set us apart from the crowd as we’re constantly setting out to create new types of play and provide children with meaningful playtime. We’re excited for every child and client that gets to experience our hard work firsthand.

Why Us Our first chapter

NVB Playgrounds, Inc. was founded by Nancy, Victor, and Nicolas Breedlove in 2006. At the time it was branded 19th State of Play, that started as a local online sales resource for Indiana playground equipment, Indiana being the 19th state in the Union. Quickly our vision changed to supply equipment nationwide, and 19th State of Play was not a viable option going forward. We launched a second website that same year of 2006 and our transformation was underway.

Why Us Another new leaf

With our visions of growth and industry dominance in full swing, by 2010 we began manufacturing our own line of playground equipment under the brand. In 2018, we had just under 50 employees working at our two warehouses and continue to grow in responsible ways. We have streamlined processes for our selling partners as well as offer a huge array of in-stock play systems and accessories available to ship within 24 hours of purchase.

Where does the name "" come from?, is a part of a larger organization, NVB Playgrounds, Inc. Our name comes directly from the website name, which is one-of-a-kind, something that no one can duplicate. Our roots are online since inception; thus it only makes sense we function on the most recognizable domain in existence.

Nicolas Breedlove

Founder at

What makes us the better way?
We stand for integrity, knowledge, and transparency.

We are proud! We are proud!

Playgrounds make us happy people. Every time we see one on TV, every time we drive by one in a car, we are looking to see if it is from us. is an exciting online playground equipment outfit. We offer a huge selection of playground equipment for commercial use.

We love playgrounds! We love playgrounds!

Not only do we love playgrounds, we love to see one in use. We have quickly become a leading commercial playground equipment supplier. We enjoy making children happy through exciting and unique playgrounds. Our greatest pleasure is when a customer emails us a picture of a finished project.

We embrace change! We embrace change!

We have embraced challenges and adapted constantly to reach our successes. Just a few short years ago we would not have thought about designing our own parts, but now we staff a design team in-house. As soon as we get comfortable, we are reminded of how quickly we must adapt to keep our edge.

We have confidence! We have confidence!

All of our commercial playground equipment meets demanding national standards of safety and quality. Our mission is to provide you a high-quality playground at a price and a time you can afford. We are confident every product offered is of the highest quality for public use in any environment.

We are listeners! We are listeners!

When our customers speak, we listen. If we do not like what we hear, we take a look at the situation and ask how can we do better? One of our driving forces of change is from listening to customers and implementing feedback. This is part of our customer-driven focus that sets us apart from other suppliers.

We are transparent! We are transparent!

In the Information Age we live in, transparency has become essential to almost every business. It is our goal to maintain an openness with employees and customers. We are proud to share the exciting work environment we have created for our employees as well as customer experiences with our products.


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Edited by: Ben Thompson