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Rope Net Climbers offer a full body exercise experience that simultaneously works the vestibular senses. Rope Net Climbers offer a challenge that is unmatched by more traditional metal climbers or even their plastic counter parts. A child is faced with a movement that changes body placement step by step. Whether a net reminiscient of a boarding net or a spider-like net descending from a single point, rope playground equipment brings visual interest to outdoor play spaces.

All of the rope climbers on this page are constructed from steel and nylon. Some portions do use plastic covers. The steel is powder coat painted for durability to handle the variety of climates and weather pattern variation. Each rope is steel cored, or more accurately, steel rope wrapped in a nylon coating. The nylon coating allows for a comfortable grip while protecting the internal steel from the outside elements. Weather resilience is a top priority for outdoor playground equipment. The plastic covers on some points of the climbers work to keep water and moisture out of areas that they would otherwise weaken. A secondary benefit is that they help create a smooth surface for greater safety.