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Teeter-Totter/Seesaw Playground Fixtures

Teeter-Totter/Seesaw Playground Fixtures



Add some fun to your local playground or kid-friendly area by installing a new seesaw! Playground equipment from is safe and affordable, and our products come in a host of different designs and colors for sale. Whether you’re looking to buy a playground seesaw for a public park, local school, churchyard, or commercial day care, our products would look great in any outdoor play area!

Teeter-totter options include two-seat, four-seat, or even up to 12-seat models. You can buy a traditional playground teeter-totter, always a popular choice, but you may also want to consider more innovative, spring-based seesaw playground equipment to set your play area apart from the rest. Our seesaws are both ASTM and CPSC compliant, but to maximize safety, remember to include soft surfacing with your order; we have a variety of safety surfaces that can be delivered quickly and even installed for you.

A playground teeter-totter is a great device for promoting not only exercise but sharing. The equipment is designed for use by at least two children at once, each offsetting the other’s movement while they are on the seesaw. Outdoor playground equipment can serve a variety of functions, and teeter-totters can help children learn valuable lessons about cooperation while everyone is having fun. Learning about balance and fairness has never been so fun than on a playground seesaw!

While kids ages 5 to 12 years old typically most enjoy using a seesaw, playground equipment for other ages, including adults, is also available here; we specialize in providing everything people need to play and exercise at any age! If you’re not sure which equipment or options would be best for your play area, feel free to give us a call or read of our planning tips and resources for building a better playground. Teeter-totters are particularly well-suited for playgrounds that already have another play area but need something else to get excited about. In such cases, a seesaw/teeter-totter or other balancing equipment could be just the thing to make the area more inviting.

Whether you’re interested in traditional or unique seesaws for your playground, teeter-totters in our selection are sure to be a good fit. Just pick the one you’re interested in and put it in your quote cart to request a free quote on a commercial-grade seesaw. Playground equipment has never been easier to order! To get more direct information on our top-quality playground items, feel free to contact a representative today. We’re happy to help you figure out the right delivery options for your playground seesaw or to give you a no-obligation quote.