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Balance Beams for Toddlers and Kids

Balance Beams for Toddlers and Kids



Early childhood is a very important time in which children begin to explore their environment. Being active during this time is key to the development of coordination, including the ability to balance. Our playground balance equipment for kids, including balance beams, buttons, and bars, is meant to help children test their balancing skills while having fun!

At, you can find a large array of different bars and balance beams that will help make your commercial or residential playground an entertaining and interesting place to be. And with our low prices and fast shipping options, you’ll get your equipment quickly without breaking your budget.

When deciding which kids’ balance beam or other balancing equipment to buy, you should consider the age range of the kids using your playground. Public spaces such as parks and schools serving older students with ages ranging from five to 12 years old may find the most benefit in simple, fun parallel bars or vaults. These items are great for building upper-body strength and fine-tuning their already developed sense of balance. Younger students will benefit most from low-to-the-ground equipment such as stepping posts, pebbles, and buttons, all of which are great tools to help children learn how to balance and judge distance as well as get terrific aerobic exercise! Other balance equipment for kids, such as curved or straight balance beams, can be fun for multiple age groups, including even adults. Want to give your kids a challenge? We also carry durable log rolls and bouncy beams, which are great for providing a more intense physical workout than a stationary balance beam for kids.

Purchase affordable balance beams for kids online today from and you’ll be glad you did. We’re dedicated to helping you create a play space where children can have fun and learn at the same time. Our balance beams for toddlers and older kids are made from durable, weather-resistant materials and will provide years of entertainment. Many of our kids’ balance beam and bar products come in custom color options, too, so you can match your new playground equipment to its surroundings. We also offer shock-absorbing surfacing to help make your play space as safe as possible. Whether you’re adding something new to a classic playground, trying to incorporate more kid-friendly activities in a local park, or creating a child-centric commercial space, our balance equipment will fit in with your playground and can be delivered quickly.

Let help you deliver high-quality balance equipment to the children in your life or community. To get more detailed, product-specific information on a balance beam for kids or any of our other products, contact us online or by phone at 1-800-667-0097. Want to know the final cost of your project before you buy? Add all of your desired items to your quote cart and we’ll give you a free quote; it’s that simple. Order online today and start building your new play space with the best equipment available for your school, playground, or park!