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Affordable, Durable & Cost-Efficient

Rubber mulch is an affordable alternative to traditional playground surfacing materials. It is durable, cost efficient, low maintenance and long lasting. These factors make it an ideal choice for playgrounds on a budget. However, there are some important questions that people may have before using it in their playground.

Is rubber mulch toxic?

After ordering environmental and safety impact testing, the EPA determined that rubber mulch is safe—and preferable—when it comes to cushioning falls on playgrounds, and the government agency has officially endorsed the material. To make this assessment, the EPA tested surface and air samples at four fields and playgrounds that used recycled tire rubber in their mulch. Although the sample size of the test was limited, the study confirmed that concentrations of potentially-harmful chemicals were minimal, and the agency deemed that rubber mulch is both environmentally sound and healthy for children.

What are the benefits of using rubber mulch?

Due to the nature of the material, rubber mulch provides much more cushion than traditional mulch", making it far superior to breaking falls and preventing serious injury. The material also lasts much longer than wood chip mulch. And because it’s composed of common recycled materials, investing in rubber mulch can help communities reduce their collective carbon footprint.

How many pounds is a bag of rubber mulch?

Most bags of mulch come in 40-pound bags. However, you can often buy rubber mulch in bulk, saving you time and money. It’s essential to install a proper border when adding mulch to your playground surface. That way, your safety surface will last longer and won’t need to be replaced every year like wood mulch. Consider investing in rubber curbs or plastic timbers to extend the lifetime of your rubber mulch.

How deep does mulch have to be on a playground?

According to the National Safety Council, fall surfaces should be at least 12 inches, or one foot, deep.

Is rubber tire mulch safe?

Yes. In fact, the EPA endorses recycled tire mulch, also known as rubber mulch, because it is superior at cushioning falls, non-toxic, and makes excellent use of recycled materials. The EPA has worked with state and government officials to increase the use of rubber mulch in playgrounds.

Is rubber mulch safe for pets?

The EPA has deemed rubber mulch safe for pets and children. However, it's wise to keep an eye on pets when they're strolling through a park or mulched backyard. Though rubber mulch has been deemed nontoxic, there's always the possibility that consumption of the material could lead to digestive discomfort or blockage problems.

What is rubber mulch made out of?

Rubber mulch is created from recycled tires and recommended by the EPA for use in playgrounds and other outdoor kid-friendly spaces.